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Unilift AP/KP

Industrial Application:

The KP Pump is designed for liquid transfer and drainage of clean or slightly dirty Wastewater
with the pump completely or partly submerged in the liquid.The AP Pump is a single stage
submersible pump designed for the pumping of drainage and effluent.


  • Drainage of cellars or buildings

  • Pumping of wastewater in buildings

  • Groundwater Lowering

  • Drainage in places prone to Flooding

  • Emptying application

  • Pools

  • Tanks

  • Vessels

  • Material of Construction:

    Description                     AP                                                       KP

    Pump Housing              Stainless Steel                               Stainless Steel

    Impeller                           Stainless Steel                                Stainless Steel

    Shaft                                  Stainless Steel                               Stainless Steel

    Technical Data:

    Description                                AP                                                             KP

    Flow                                               Maximum 32 m3/hr                       Maximum14 m3/hr

    Head                                              Maximum 12 m                                 Maximum 9 m

    Liquid Temperature             0˚C to +55˚ C                                      0˚C to +50˚ C