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Ultrafiltration Skids
Clean Water at a Lower Cost

The sooner you can realize the benefits of Dow ultrafiltration technology, the better for your operations. Our line of DOW IntegraPac™ Skids help you do just that, enabling you to quickly go from skid delivery to start-up for industrial and municipal applications.

The Magic of Easy Assembly

Pre-engineered, standardized and ready-to-assemble, DOW IntegraPac Skids make installation fast and easy. Comprised of DOW™ Ultrafiltration Modules, auxiliary parts and piping, these ultrafiltration skids can significantly streamline design, assembly and installation.

Maximize Productivity

You can maximize productivity and save time and money too. How? Through lower engineering design costs, easy assembly, a fast delivery schedule and a small, space-saving footprint.

Importantly, DOW IntegraPac Skids are certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for use in drinking water applications.

Customers around the globe rely on Dow's expertise in module and skid design to achieve the cost-performance they need. You can too. Use the selection guide below to read the product data sheet for your application. Customers can also purchase modules individually that enable them to utilize the efficient module architecture to design custom skids beyond the Dow standard offering.

Ultrafiltration Modules and Skids Selection Guide

DOW IntegraPac™ Skids and Modules Number of Modules per Skid Module Membrane Area (m2) Drinking Water Data Sheet Industrial Water Data Sheet
IPD-51 / IP-51 Module   51  pdf_icon  pdf_icon
IPD-77 / IP-77 Module   77  pdf_icon
IPD-51 / IP-51 - Skids 6-22 51  pdf_icon
IPD-77 / IP-77 Skids 6-22
77  pdf_icon