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Industrial Application:

The Grundfos Submersible sewage grinder pumps are designed to reduce energy
consumption and to keep downtime costs at a minimum, thereby maintaining peak
performance throughout the entire lifetime of the System.


  • Domestic Sewage Transfer

  • Raw Sewage

  • Waste Water

  • Industrial use

  • Material of Construction:

    Description              SEG                                                      SEV/SE 1

    Pump Housing       Cast Iron                                            Stainless Steel

    Impeller                     Channel & Super Vortex          Double Mechanical Seal

    Shaft Seal                  Silicon Carbonate                          Silicon Carbonate

    Technical Data:

    Description                       SEG                                                            SEV/SE 1

    Flow                                      Maximum 18 m3/hr                         Maximum 200 m3/hr

    Head                                     Maximum 40 m                                   Maximum 40 m

    Solid Handling:               Upto 40 mm                                          Upto 100 mme

    Power Rating:                  From 0.9 to 4 kw                                From 1.1 to 11 Kw