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Hydro MPC


  • Domestic: High-rise buildings, condominiums, etc

  • Industrial: Processing and manufacturing industries and cleaning applications

  • Social service: Health clinics, hospitals, school and other institutions.

  • Commercial: Hotels, restaurants, office- blocks and departmental stores.

  • Agriculture & irrigation.

  • Fire-fighting.


  • Quality: Stainless steel multistage pump and quality approved components.

  • Wide range: Extensive range for applications of any size.

  • High reliability: Multi-pump operation maintains supply, even in the event of pump failure.

  • Easy installation: Mounted on a common frame, including all necessary accessories and internal piping.

  • High efficiency: Cost effective operation

  • The Multi Pump Control – MPC:

  • The brain of the booster systems is the newly developed, highly advanced MPC control unit, the MPC controlling up to six pumps connected in parallel.

  • Easy to operate user interface

  • Large Graphic Display with overview of the system including key measuring points.

  • Menu bar for easy navigation

  • Control Functions

  • Cascade control

  • Speed Control

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