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Dow is an innovator in water purification and separation technologies, known for a number of industry firsts—including the world's first spiral-wound membrane technology for water treatment. We set the industry standard for quality and reliability with our complete portfolio of Ultra filtration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes, Fine Particle Filtration (FPF) and Electrodeionization (EDI) products. In addition, we offer the widest range of Ion Exchange Resins that meet separation requirements from softening to ultrapure water generation to trace contaminant removal.


Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration

Dow Water & Process Solutions is a recognized world leader in RO technology offering FILMTEC™ and HYPERSHELL™ reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) elements for demineralizing brackish water or desalinating seawater for a variety of industries and applications including industrial water treatment, power generation, food & beverage processing, municipal desalination and water reuse, and home drinking water devices.

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Ion Exchange Resins

Dow offers the most comprehensive line of ion exchange resins for applications as diverse as simple industrial softening, production of ultrapure water, sweetener purification and metal recovery (mining). The AMBERLITE™, AMBERJET™, DOWEX™, MARATHON™, and MONOSPHERE™ ion exchange resins come in all chemical compositions, polymer structures, and particle sizes to meet current and developing industry requirements.

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Dow's ultrafiltration modules (UF), based on our proven PVDF, outside-in fiber technology that features high clean-ability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance set the standard for RO pre-treatment, drinking water production, and wastewater treatment applications. The SFP/SFD series offers customers a proven product with a long list of installations world-wide. The pre-engineered, modular IntegraPac™ skid provides customers with a streamlined skid solution that is ready to be assembled. The DOW IntegraFlo™ modules, our ultra-large surface area products, are our latest answer to the industry's continuous need to lower water costs.

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Fine Particle Filtration

The TEQUATIC™ PLUS fine particle filter is specifically designed to treat difficult feedwater up to 10,000 mg/L without frequent filter changes, and in the presence of oil. Key benefits include lower cost of ownership via lower maintenance and labor costs, higher uptimes and water recovery, and decreased consumables costs. In addition, the TEQUATIC PLUS filter can help customers reduce the footprint of their operations through, for example, less disposal, minimal handling, and less space along with potential energy efficiencies.

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Dow's globally recognized AMBERLYST™ polymeric, heterogeneous catalysts are available in both acid and base activities to catalyze the reactions for many of today's most industrially important chemicals. Reactions include; alkylation, condensation, esterification, etherification, hydration, and hydrogenation

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Bio-Chromatography & Bio-Processing Media

AMBERCHROM™ polymeric reverse-phase chromatography media, AMBERLITE™ ion exchange resins and XAD™ polymeric adsorbents for the capture and purification of bio-active molecules.

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Adsorbent Resins

AMBERLITE™ XAD™ and DOWEX™ OPTIPORE™ polymeric adsorbents are available in a variety of chemical and pore structures to remove organic compounds from aqueous streams for food processing, oil field water treatment and industrial waste water applications.

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Pharmaceutical Powders

AMBERLITE™ and DUOLITE™ powdered ion exchange media for use as active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation excipients. Applications include; taste masking, tablet disintegrants, modified release, and formulating poorly soluble or unstable drug compounds.

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The distinct spiral-wound design of DOW™ EDI modules offer a chemical-free alternative to mixed-bed ion exchange resins for polishing RO permeate—an ideal choice for high purity water needs when combined with our RO membranes and ion exchange resins.

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