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CM Pump with pressure controller is used for constant water pressure. Can be ideal when
space is constraint near overhead tank. It also had dry running protection, incase of no water
in the pipeline. CM pump is also supplied with pressure tank for constant water pressure.
When the pressure drops to the Pre-set level, the pump will start-up and when the water
consumption drops again, the outlet pressure will rise to a pre-set stop pressure after
which the pump will stop. Available from 8 lts to 100 lts tank range.

Material of Construction:

  • Electro-coated cast iron parts-free from corrosion

  • High Efficient motor

  • Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump

  • Long life components are of corrosion and wear resistance stainless steel

  • Technical Data:

  • Head Range: Upto 58 mts

  • Flow range: Upto 15 m3/hr

  • Power range: Upto 2.5 Hp

  • Liquid Temperature: From 20° Upto 120° C

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